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#movember is here and Envirotainer Operations challenge all colleagues and customers to join the movement and raise some funds for prostate cancer research! Envirotainer has agreed to sponsor the movement with 10 000 SEK and we hope to raise another 10 000 SEK to match that.

10,000 kr

100% 10,000 kr


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  • Jakob Jarl Jakob Jarl Donated 500 kr

  • Stephen Maietta Stephen Maietta Donated 500 kr

  • Robert Armor Robert Armor Donated 200 kr

    Cancer Sucks!

  • Jeanette Engman Jeanette Engman Donated 300 kr

  • Sebastian Forsberg Sebastian Forsberg Donated 200 kr

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 200 kr

  • Göran Rydin Göran Rydin Donated 500 kr

  • Lars Bertilsson Lars Bertilsson Donated 500 kr

  • Envirotainer Envirotainer Donated 100 kr

  • Mattias Isaksson Mattias Isaksson Donated 275 kr

    Donation from my wife if I reduce the mustache. I'll take any money for a good cause.

  • Diane Knight Diane Knight Donated 500 kr

  • Robert  Vallin Robert Vallin Donated 300 kr


  • Thomas Heller Thomas Heller Donated 500 kr

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 500 kr

  • Natasha Hahn Natasha Hahn Donated 250 kr

  • Tomas Lundström Tomas Lundström Donated 500 kr

    For longer cancer-free lives!

  • Christina Jolérus Christina Jolérus Donated 100 kr

    Bra initiativ. SMACK cancer! #fuckcancer. Cancer tog vår barndomsvän ifrån oss, det året som vi alla fyllde 23. Fruktansvärt att hon inte fick bli äldre än så. Forskningen behöver stöd. LÄNGE vill vi leva!

  • Akos Balkanyi Akos Balkanyi Donated 500 kr

    beat the cancer!!!!

  • Johan Nordenberg Johan Nordenberg Donated 500 kr

  • Andreas Jacobsson Andreas Jacobsson Donated 500 kr

    Min pappa gick bort i prostata cancer, självklart supportar jag detta!

  • Anjan Kumar Anjan Kumar Donated 275 kr

    Together against cancer!

  • Hans Thomasson Hans Thomasson Donated 500 kr

    Kill Cancer

  • Emily Odelberg Emily Odelberg Donated 300 kr

    My dad had prostate cancer.

  • Karin Torvenius Karin Torvenius Donated 200 kr

    Everyone knows someone suffered, suffering or recovered from cancer. It hits more than just that single individual, it hits a family, a community and/or a workplace. Let’s fight cancer. I will however not grow a mustache, but I am in this anyway!