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Kristalina + Team Mustasch = True! Please help share the love and money so we can keep biking and less having cancer.

I am raising money because I got the rare opportunity to bike with one of Swedens best teams for Vätternrundan 300 km race and will attempt to ride in under 7 hours. (Which if you don't know is a CRAZY fast time). And we want to raise awareness and have less cancer in the world, in this case prostate cancer. So please donate something for more good in the world and less of the bad.

You want something fun to happen with your money? For every 200kr (€20) donated I will at your request do a challenge of your choice while wearing a mustasch. For example I can speak to some strangers, go for a swim, post a picture of a handstand with a mustasch in a particular place or anything else you might think of.

Or if you can't think of anything, just donate, cause it makes the world better. Cheers and bike on! XO


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    Gift from Pierre and Claudia

  • Tiina Hallberg Prostatacancerförbundet
    Heja Kristalina! Vilket härligt initiativ. Vi är oerhört glada och tacksamma för att du har valt att starta en insamling till förmån för Prostatacancerfonden. Lycka till! Vänligen, Prostatacancerförbundet.
  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 500 kr

    Kristalina Smårs Kristalina Smårs: Thanks!! If you want I owe you two mustasch challenges, uhoh!